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Anonymous inquired What kind of car do you drive?

1986 ferrari testarossa

Anonymous inquired why were they chasing you?

Okay check it out my nigga. My and my homie was otw to buy bottles at ralphs for the turnup this weekend. (Shit was TTU). Turns out they didnt have the ones we wanted. So we decide to check out this 7 eleven. Dude comes next to me tries flexxin in his fuckin V6 (or 8) nissan titan. Im like “naww this duu”. His truck is obviously faster than mine (2 liter). So im like okay. We havin fun doing little pulls. Im thinkin this shits over. Make my right turn. But he goes out of his way and follows me. Hes on my ass for a bit. Im just tryna shake this nigga off. He ends up in front of me so i start tailgaiting him. He starts brake checking me. This nigga makes me miss my left turn. So i let him take off. I bust a U and think this shits over. Im across the street from the 7 eleven and i see this nigga in my rearview. Like really my nigga. You got nothing better to do on a saturday night but follow me. So im like aight this du tryna get sideways with me. I take this dude around start drifting corners and shit dude was tryna keep up but im like nahh i aint havin that shit. So i take this right turn into a quick left, shut my lights off im hauling ass he’s about a block away from me. I haul ass into a shopping center hitting speed bumps hard as fuck. As im exiting the shopping center i see in my rear view hes barely entering. I have a left green turn signal. This is like the fuckin victory drift. I drift the fuck outta it and i can see all the cars waiting for the light watch me. As soon as i turn that left corner i know it turned red so those niggas got stuck at the light and im on my victory lap. Straighg out of a movie my dude. Wish i had some footage to show yall